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Pricing varies due to the size and condition of the vehicle.

Exterior High Gloss Shine
Pricing starts at $29.95. This wash includes hand wash with foam conditioning soaps, hot wax and sealer protectant and chamois dry.

The Signature
Pricing starts at $51.95. This wash includes the inside wipe down of all surfaces (windows, dash, doors etc.), vacuuming of all rugs, power washing of all rubber mats and our Exterior High Gloss Shine.

Express Detailing
Details start as low as $59.95. These are our “while you wait” services such as exterior vinyl conditioning, tar/ sap removal, the deep cleaning and conditioning of your vehicle. Some packages include the scrubbing, conditioning and/or shampooing, depending on what you would like to get done, as well as the interior and exterior wash. All packages include The Signature Plus Wash.
** Various packages available. Including Leather Care, Vinyl Care, Shampooing, Exterior Polishing and much more!

** Extra dirty fees may apply to vehicles that are unusually dirty and may need extra time and care.

To serve you better, please remove all valuables and personal belongings from your vehicle upon arrival.

Complementary Tote bags are available for your belongings.

Clearwash will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items from your vehicle.

South Calgary

We are relocating our south location.
Stay tuned!

North Calgary

180-1725 32 Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta
T2E 7C8
Phone: (403) 271-9274
Monday - Saturday: 9 - 5pm
Closed on Sundays and Holidays
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